“Joanna is a very personable and experienced teacher. She is detail-oriented and takes the time to ensure her students understand the material. I would recommend her without reservation for teaching, guiding or translation services. ”
Apr 21, 2016
Chris Statham
Creative Director at Creative Alliance 2002 Corp

“Joanna’s teaching style is warm and engaging. She is a patient, gentle guide instructor, who was able to meet for lessons in the most convenient location for me: at my own home, or at the public library. I found her handouts and illustrations helpful as an introduction to German language and sentence structure. What’s more, Joanna has lived many years in Germany, with colourful cultural notes and relevant stories to share. I am now living in Berlin. Joanna’s lessons were an excellent step in beginning such an adventure.”
-Danielle Janess, Berlin, Germany

“If you’re looking for a German tutor, look no further. Thanks to Joanna, German became much more bearable for me. My pronunciation and conversational skills improved greatly, as did my understanding of the grammar. Not only did my understanding of the language improve, but also that of the culture. With Joanna’s help, I was able to easily stay ahead of the rest of my class, and I achieved an ‘A’ in university-level German. Even more, it was fun!”
Ben Porcher

“I found Joanna Schaller on the internet as I was looking for a German teacher to help me bring along a new worker in our company who had recently immigrated here from Germany. I was more than thrilled with the service I received from Joanna; she was flexible enough to come to my house, and was able to time lessons to suit my busy schedule. Her demeanour was wonderful – she was extremely professional while at the same time very personable. In terms of her lessons, she began by questioning me not only about my needs, but also about my strengths and weaknesses in the art of learning. The result: she built a lesson plan which suited me perfectly. I was immensely happy with the service I received from Joanna and would recommend her without reservation.”
Jennifer Lalonde

“I had always been intrigued by the German language. It seemed a difficult language to learn and most German-speaking people I knew seemed to agree. In fact most of them wondered why I would want to learn such a horrible language! Then one day, I came across an ad on the internet. It was Joanna advertising as a German teacher. I decided to take the plunge and I never regretted it. Joanna is a wonderful teacher who convinced me that German is indeed a beautiful language to learn. She is very friendly and supportive. Her lessons are well organised with a logical sequence. After just a few lessons I had already built up some basic vocabulary and could engage in simple conversations under Joanna’s expert guidance. I also like the fact that at every lesson, there is time to work on reading, writing and oral conversations. Joanna goes out of her way to make learning interesting, such as organising German movie nights for her students. I highly recommend her as a teacher!”
Yves Parizeau

“I would highly recommend Joanna not only to beginners but also to individuals like myself who have some previous experience with the German language and are looking to build on what they already know. I found her lessons to be well-structured and enjoyable but at the same time challenging enough so that by the end of each class I really felt that I had progressed and learned something new.
Joanna’s patient and friendly teaching approach helped give me the confidence to speak German more freely and with less self-consciousness. Even my wife, who speaks German fluently, noticed a dramatic improvement in my speaking and comprehension abilities after just a few weeks of lessons.
Michael Kitching

“Joanna’s teaching style helped me to understand and learn quicker than I had hoped. Her organization and teaching approach helps the beginner to learn without feeling overwhelmed with learning a new language. This Christmas was a success as I could engage in basic conversation with my girlfriend’s Swiss family, thanks to Joanna and her teaching style of incorporating conversation with new vocabulary. Joanna has been wonderful with making learning a new language both interesting and productive.”
Kelly Swain

“I attended about 4-4 and half months of German classes with Joanna, and must note that she is an admirable language teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes with her no matter what state of energy I was in. Being a person of having no recognition of being able to speak German, I have been able to overcome the basic principles of the language and understanding of why the words and structures are spoken the way they are. I don’t think there’s anything I disliked about our lessons. Joanna is an excellent teacher, and a calming person to talk to outside of German conversations.

I dislike that the classes had to come to an end, but thanks to Joanna, my successes will only get better in my travels to Europe. :)”
Mercedes Schaub

“Joanna makes learning German fun and interesting. A mixture of grammar,
magazine articles, comics and stories makes each lesson different. I
recommend her for learning German.”
Dave Almond

“I enjoyed my conversations with Joanna, which covered a wide range of topics. As a result, I have developed a wide vocabulary and am also confident in carrying on discussions in German. I am in the “B1″ level course at the Goethe Institute in Berlin right now.”
Stephanie Warner, Berlin

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